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Our performers have a wide range of skills which are predominantly focused around screen combat. This includes camera fighting techniques, martial arts, theatrical firearms and parkour. If you require a specific skill let us know and we can suggest our most appropriate performers.

Many of our performers have a lot on onset experience fighting as featured performers or directly with actors as well as background.

We audition all our action performers to ensure they are of a high standard for screen action. We have several award-winning action choreographers who oversee our audition process to ensure we only recruit performers we would be happy to have on our own fight team, ensuring they are both professional and safe.

Our parent company, Independent Drama is one of the world’s most established training providers for combatants allowing us to see many of our performers progress over a number of years. We also have strong international links with other training academies around the world where our teachers are in demand. This allows us to continually look at developments in technique and training for our performers.

We also continue to nurture our talent once they join IDAP, providing ongoing training opportunities and feedback. From weekly drop-in sessions to 2-week intensive courses many of our performers are continually honing their skills.

On many levels there are similarities. ‘Stage’ combat has become a common shorthand industry term often used to refer to both and stage and screen combat. Actual techniques with regards to safety and performance are similar for both, though there are some differences in application with each genre having specific requirements.

For film, fights have to be performed with the camera in mind and there are numerous nuances to consider in order to achieve a variety of effects. For theatre, fights often need to be performed night after night with no option for post-production editing so a solid foundation is key.

We run specific training in both, but auditions are based on screen combat techniques.

Many of our performers have been in demand for motion capture and VR work where a blend of the skills for both stage and screen has improved invaluable for achieving the rigorous requirements needed for action.

Our audition process is the first step in verification. If a performer cannot demonstrate the skills, we require then they will be rejected.

Our team also cross refence with any accredited bodies directly as a curtesy if we feel an auditionee’s skills are far below that which their CV claims.

We regularly invite external examiners in to assess our students so those training for our books get an independent assessment. This also allows our accessors to gauge other professional viewpoints.

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